Domination & Fetish Instruction

Los Angeles Foot Fetish Domination, Los Angeles Humiliatrix, Los Angeles Hypno Domme, Los Angeles Domina
Los Angeles Foot Fetish Dominatrix

In addition to foot fetish scenes (My specialty) as a Dominatrix I enjoy the following play types (always at My discretion). All of My equipment is regularly sanitized/sterilized, but you are always welcome to bring your own favorite items as well. Go here to book a session in My Los Angeles studio.

Restraints: ankle & wrist cuffs, rope, bondage tape, & complete saran wrap mummification

Pain/Classic S&M: (clothespins, twine/rope, hot wax, vampire gloves, spikes, clamps, stretchers, crushers, pinchers, slapping, kicking, pins & needles, etc) for true masochists

Desperation Play: prolonged merciless denial, rejection

Verbal Humiliation: name-calling, degradation, objectification, dehumanization, SPH, insults

Impact Play/Corporal Punishment: light (no marks) to extreme (crops, canes, floggers, paddles, leather belts, slappers, wooden hairbrush, spoons, spatulas, etc)

Financial Domination or FinDom (“paypiggy,” wallet draining, ATM trips, “cashmeets”)

ABDL (bottle-feeding, pacifiers, regression fantasies): can be sweet & nurturing or humiliating

Strict Discipline (corner time, mouth-soaping, behavior modification, domestic roleplay)

Pet Play (collar & leash, fetching & begging games, human pony & puppy)

Modeling My Superior Form (leather, vinyl & PVC are My personal favorites, I also have a selection of corsets & latex)

Chastity Training (total control, keyholding – must have your own device for hygiene purposes)

Human Furniture (doormat, foot stool, carpet, spittoon)

Sensation Play (scent, sweat, ice, heat, feathers, blindfolds, masks, merciless foot/underarm tickling)

Taboo Roleplay Scenarios (Therapist, Sorority Brat, Prom Queen, initiation/hazing, religion, Goddess, Female Supremacy/FLR training, Amazon Giantess, shrinking/tiny men, interrogation, light medical/nurse scenes, SPH, etc.)

Electricity Play with Neon Wand – truly shocking!

Crushing/Squashing (food, toys, small objects, balloon popping, etc)

Scripted scenes & storytelling – be creative, I love imaginative subs and am open to intense scenarios, and psychodrama not listed here.

Sissy-training and feminization makeovers, see here

Hypno-Domme mind control sessions, see here

Distance training via PHONE or TEXT

Stockings Nylons Fetish Mistress Los Angeles

Hard Limits: I do not remove My fetish attire/undergarments/lingerie during scenes, nor do I offer any of the following: cigarette smoking, suspension bondage, or any intimate contact that is illegal in the United States, such as “-jobs”